As I tried reinvent myself from being an electronic engineer to a marketer, developing websites came naturally to me. I had been doing it for years as part of duties with my employer and I had also been maintaining online content for multiple intranet websites. So Xava was natural progression for me. I also have a passion for solving problems for other people so I just decided to combine my 2 talents and started Xava to setup online presence for small businesses in Ireland.  Websites are the perfect Digital Marketing tool and if I can create wonderfully operational and manageable websites for your business, then I have succeeded in my mission.

Having completed my Bachelor of Engineering from UCD in 2001, I worked in a technical melting pot of a company designing cutting edge FPGAs for nearly 10 years. The high-energy environment trained me to handle pressure situations, manage projects and deliver the deliverables to the customer. I also completed a Masters in Industrial Engineering which honed my business and strategic acumen emboldening me to go out on my own and to start Xava. Along the way I trained myself to develop websites across multiple platforms like WordPress, Sharepoint, vBulletin and Magento.  My natural stubbornness stood me in good stead as I tried to solve problems along the way. I also completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing in 2013 to enhance the services I offer to small businesses – so now I can help you in developing an excellent website and then help you use digital marketing to promote it too.

As an individual I am interested in many things but sharing my Indian heritage with people in Ireland is the foremost passion for me. I believe that the Indian culture is very rich and it lends itself well to being transported to Ireland. I also worship cricket like any good Indian should but my talents lie in watching and reading all the stats involved and watching India and/or Ireland win.