SEO, Web Analytics & Content Marketing

Maintain A High
Ranking For Your
Website in Search Results

All You Ever Wanted to Know about SEO, Website Analytics and Content Marketing and Why You Need It

Step 1


It is important to understand why SEO is important for your website before your website is designed.

  • Financial Stability - Fixed price monthly contracts
  • Build Trust - Organic search results are based on relevancy of content & people trust them
  • Quality - Google awards good site design and relevant content ensuring high-quality
  • Measurable - Analytic Reports help you track the performance of your SEO investment

Step 2


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO - on-page and off-page techniques that ensure that your website is consistently visible and accessible to your customer.

  • Meta Tags, Title Tags, URL Naming and Alt Tags - Summarise what your site is all about!
  • Content Creation - Create content that is relevant to the page title above
  • Content Optimisation - Remind Google what the page content is all about byusing relevant keywords judiciously!

Step 3


After understanding basic SEO, it is important to understand how your money is spent over the term of your SEO contract.

  • Keyword Research & Agreement - Define keywords relevant to your business website
  • On-page SEO - Optimise all Meta/Alt Tags, URL names etc and optimise content for target keywords (1 per page)
  • Off-Page SEO - Target Google Webmaster Tools, Forums, Social Media etc to further publicise your website
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